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World Heritage Site

San Miguel de Allende is a magical place, a place that has been called a World Heritage Site and the best city in the world, “where the houses and their walls have a secret history of love and loss, of passion and conspiracy”, as the hotel owner first discovered upon arriving at the doors of the elegant old estate.

The legends and the locals speak of a woman who lived in the estate and was in love with literature. She brought books from Europe, which was illegal due to the social climate of the time. This woman, a frequent reader, hid and shared her books with the Dominican nuns who were her neighbors.

It was a traditional estate, built in the colonial style architecture of San Miguel de Allende with orchards, stables, granaries and a well. Now we find a smaller version of the glorious estate, but it still holds a treasure hidden under the original stairs. The last owners were a foreign couple with a passion for restoring 18th century buildings. They say that each owner left behind furniture from different time periods and styles, artisanal pieces, utensils, and unique moments which give the hotel its bohemian ethos.

Together these elements show the progression of history through daily activities, flavors and love to create dream-like experience in the elegant mansion.

The hotel brought all the pieces together to make the uniquely modern concept. Today, San Miguel de Allende is considered the world’s capital for weddings, and Hacienda Las Amantes, the Lovers Estate, is the dream location for a couples’ stay. “We want to see the bride dressed in white coming out of a flower-filled archway, as if from a castle, and later returning to a beautifully decorated house with candles, all ready to live an unforgettable night in San Miguel”. The goal is to give the couple a host of memories, experiences and beautiful moments to take home with them. Not only to remember the best day of their lives, but also the specialized attention that was paid to their needs in this marvelous city geared toward serving the visitors of one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico.

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Intimate & stylish

Hacienda Las Amantes is an intimate, stylish boutique hotel where lovers can have their privacy, feeling right at home. Its six suites each have a style of their own. They are designed for romance and reconnection. The enchanting balconies, with one of the best views of the churches, terraces and streets of the historic downtown, the romantic window seats, the beautiful patios and intimate spaces, like the Jacuzzi, all contribute to one objective: to celebrate love and create an original and exquisite experience.

Original concept hotel

The boutique hotel Hacienda Las Amantes is an original concept hotel which has opened its doors in San Miguel de Allende. A space with a unique image and an unexpected rhythm like a poem, a fairy tale, or a novel; it tells a story. The hotel has created an environment where their guests could experience the magic of their vision, and simultaneously live their own fairy tale.